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Plantagusto is a plant-protein research and development company established in Helsinki, Finland, in 2019 with a mission to reimagine vegan food for the masses. We are committed to making the highest quality, all natural, pant-based food the whole family can enjoy. For us, we believe food is one of life’s great pleasures and we strive to elevate the plant-based food experience to be one that can be celebrated by all.

Until now, most plant-based food companies have asked people to make sacrifices in taste, texture, and presentation to realize the benefits of a better planet, health, and reduction in animal cruelty. Let us be honest, most people in the world are not willing to sacrifice their food experience. Plantagusto says it is not needed. We have created a range of 100% plant-based products that prove plant-based food can be as good, if not better, than animal-based food.

We invite you to explore our range of products that “reimagine” plant-based food with no sacrifices.

Why Going Plant-based is a Win-Win for the World

One of the driving forces behind Plantagusto is to help in the worldwide reduction in meat consumption.  We support the Greenpeace 50% by 2050 to reduce worldwide meat consumption by 50% by 2050.  It is clear that the planet can no longer support the needless production of animal protein at the current levels.  The benefits of switching to a plant-based protein are clear.  It is good for the planet and good for our health.

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The way forward is clear and the benefits overwhelming.  Together we can change how people think about plant-based food and offer them a tasty and healthy alternative.  Read more about how this is important in the May 2020 Science of The Total Environment, How to transition to reduced-meat diets that benefit people and the planet.vegan-meat-seafood-flavors-Plantagusto Group Home 10


Plantagusto has been working since 2019 to develop its technology for authentic replication of animal proteins using only natural plant-based ingredients.  Our “Flexible Plant Protein Platform” or FP³ is at the foundation of our plant-based chicken, beef, and pork meat alternatives allowing us to create a multitude of products from a single unified platform.


Plantagusto spend 1000s of hours testing 100s of plant ingredients to find the perfect combination of ingredients that have the properties for the formation of sophisticated texture strands.  Each animal protein has its own unique texture characteristics.  Beef has a fine grain that holds lots of moisture, chicken is moist but has a higher bite factor, and pork is somewhere in-between. 

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Plantagusto's Beef Steak

The management of the texture formation in the mixing process of plant-based ingredients becomes a challenge.  One magnified by the wide spectrum of animal proteins available to the average consumer.  A strip steak is not the same as a filet mignon which is not the same as a piece of Kobe or Wagyu beef.  Which is why we created the Flexible Plant Protein Platform, to allow us to control more precisely the formation of textures.

The FP³ is an algorithmic function that defines how we combine plant ingredients to achieve specific textures.  The algorithm allows us to alter variables to change the characteristics of the recipe to achieve different results.  For example, the addition of a few grams more of one ingredient in our chicken recipe will result in additional bite that will make the product “tougher” to chew.  The altering of another ingredient will provide a “fattier” mouth feel. 

Our FP³ provides us with a tool for replicating animal proteins to high degree of accuracy and the flexibility to adapt to the demanding needs of customers globally.  To learn more about our FP³ algorithm send us a message and we can schedule a meeting.


One of the greatest challenges in creating plant-based meat is the absence of fat and the retention of moisture.  One of the things that people love and crave in animal meat is the high levels of fat.  Our brains are wired to want this because in a not so distant past, we needed this fat to survive and our bodies constantly craved it.  The problem is in plant-based food it is complicated to deliver the fat people crave in a way that does not ruin the health benefits of a plant diet.

Most plant-base company (including the most popular ones) just take tons of coconut or palm fat and load their meats with it.  But we know that by doing this you crate a product that is questionable in its health benefits.  In fact, many diet experts have even gone so far as to say many of the plant-based alternatives are worse from a health viewpoint than their animal counterparts.

But Plantagusto has solved this problem.  We have invented a way to deliver healthy, non-saturated, and planet-friendly fat without loading our meats with tons of coconut or palm oil.  We have a process that releases the fat inside the meat as it is cooked, like how real meat delivers its fat.  The result is meat that is juicy and has a great mouth feel, without having the negative side effects of poor nutritional value.


Plantagusto is committed to making healthy food and all of our products share a similar nutritional make-up including being: high in protein (~19g/100g), no GMO, having no preservatives, low (or no) saturated fat, free from cholesterol, high in fiber, potassium, calcium, and iron, and created only with the finest all natural ingredients (clean label). No coconut fat or palm oil.

Pork Roast

Plantagusto's pork roast is our all time Sunday dinner favorite.  This is so much like a real pork tenderloin that people cannot believe it is 100% plant-based.  We have several versions of this including versions with traditional Italian and German seasonings.  We can even make the seasonings to your specifications. 

Chicken Filet

Plantagusto Chicken filet looks, tastes, and has the mouth feel of animal chicken.  The taste is mild, like unseasoned chicken with just a hint of salt, allowing it to be used as a direct replacement in all your favorite chicken dishes. 

Chicken Breast

Plantagusto Chicken breast is the full breast of chicken that simulates to a high level a boneless, skinless, chicken breast.  This can be used in all your recipes for chicken as a direct replacement for animal protein.  Serve as a whole breast, or slice and use in your favorite stir-fry recipe, the options are only limited by your imagination.  The taste is mild, like unseasoned chicken with just a hint of salt. 

Beef Steak
Plantagusto beef steak is a visual and taste sensation taking plant-based steak to another level of realism. Our steak can be be put on the grill and is guaranteed to not loose any of its juiciness.
Beef Roast
Plantagusto beef roast is perfect for Sunday dinner or thin sliced on a sandwich. We like to make ours with a crust of peppercorn but we can also make with additional spices to create tastes that match local favorites.
Beef Wellington
Our version of a British classic might be even better than the original, it certainly is more healthy and packed with flavor. Our beef wellington is made with our plant-based beef tenderloin and then covered with our proprietary blend of mushrooms, onions and shallots with an extra layer that simulates bacon fat. This is a visual and taste sensation that is sure to impress at any party or to celebrate the most memorable moments in your life.
Deli Meats

Plantagusto's deli meats are a full set of plant-based deli style meats that can be sliced ultra thin for sandwiches.  Finally it is possible to build the ultimate sub sandwich.  We have a variety of meats including curry turkey, pork roast, black pepper beef roast, pastrami and many more - anything you desire in your favorite animal-based deli meat, we can reproduce in 100% plant-base. 


We believe we have perfected the meatball.  Our version is more like homemade and less like the "golf ball" meatballs so common not only in plant-based meat but in animal meatballs.  The texture and taste will leave you wanting more.  We can also customize our meatballs according to local tastes. 

Italian Salami

Traditional Italian salami is one of the foods we always crave and now we have been able to replicate at a high level several varieties for all your favorite dishes.  We have salami types and ones that are perfect to bring your plant-based pizza to another level.  These are made with all the transitional spices found in the animal variety but with Plantagusto's proprietary plant-based pork.

Custom Plant-based Protein

We can work to develop your ideal plant-based proteins.  Our lab is experienced in replicating multiple textures and tastes across a wide range of protein types including also cheese and seafood.  If you have a product you would like to work to bring to market as a plant-based alternative, send us a message and let's discuss how we can help you.


Plantagusto Group Ltd. is looking for additional production, sales, and distribution partners to bring our innovative plant-based proteins to more of the world. We are currently working with partners in Germany and are in discussion with partners in the United Kingdom and Vietnam. We welcome others who are interested in changing the world by changing the attitudes that people have towards plant-based food. Our "no sacrifice" products make it easy to adapt to a plant-based diet and we believe this is the only path forward for our planet. Contact us and let's discuss how we can cooperate.


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