Plant-Based Meat Re-Imagined

Plantagusto has been working since 2019 to develop its technology for the authentic replication of animal proteins using only natural plant-based ingredients.  Our “Flexible Plant Protein Platform” (FP³) allows for the creation of 100s of plant-based meat alternatives from a single unified platform.  

Just as animal meat is used to create a multitude of end products, our platform allows you to create several different types, cuts, and processed end products.  

We believe good food is one of life’s greatest joys and people shouldn’t have to sacrifice the food experience for the planet, animals, or their health.

Plantagusto, plant-based food

without sacrifice.

What our Technology can create

Plantagusto Group Ltd.’s Flexible Plant-based Protein Platform (FP3) is a system to produce exceptionally realistic plant-based meats.


With the FP3 platform it is possible to make many formats of plant-based meat which closely resemble deli meat, salami, bacon, steak, burgers, sausages, roasts, and a host of other meat-like products.


Our system allows for the localization of products to individual market tastes, helping to push better acceptance and adaptation of plant-based products.  With our platform we are helping food companies to better serve the demanding needs of customers who are demanding more plant-based choices.


The only limit to what meat products you can produce with our platform is your imagination.

Better Food - Better Nutrition

Plantagusto’s technology produces products that have excellent nutritional value.


Plantagusto Steak Fibers

Texture is at the core of all good plant-based meat.  Animal meat has aligned fibers that are ordered and clean.  Plantagusto has been able to replicate these aligned fibers through a proprietary process for manipulating plant textures

Plantagusto’s meat platform, the Flexible Plant Protein Platform (FP³), allows us to control and manipulate plant-based proteins to replicate closely animal fibers.


Our brains are evolutionarily programmed to seek out fat.  We need and crave it and when it is the good kind of fat, the non-trans fat, it is healthy. Most companies just chop up palm or coconut fat and add it to their products which then drains from the meat when cooking.  Plantagsuto takes another, more natural, approach.

We have invented a process for embedding healthy fat into the meat fibers allowing it to be retained in the meat, making it juicier and more like animal meat.  You can see the difference when cooking our meats and feel the difference in your mouth.


Flavor in plant-based is a challenge.  Unlike animal products, plants do not develop flavor as they cook, or worse they develop negative flavors.  Plantagusto uses a pallet of flavors from a wide source of flavor providers to produce the ideal taste for each individual market. 

Our flavors are not a combination of spices but a molecular recreation of the animal flavors using plant-based molecules providing an accurate recreation of flavor. Taste is unique to a culture and therefore needs adjustment and refinement.  Working together with our partners we can achieve the perfect taste.

Get started with minimal investment

Plantagusto Group Ltd.’s Flexible Plant-based Protein Platform (FP3) works utilizing standard meat processing equipment which means you can get started producing amazing plant-based meat products with little to no new investments.  

Plantagusto has worked hard to create a platform that can bring plant-based meat to more people more easily.  Our platform uses standard equipment and meat processing machines to allow for a quick start.  Our process is nearly identical to the production of animal meat and allows for the production of 10s of thousands of kilos of plant-based meat products a day.

The production process is very flexible with a core recipe shared among multiple products, making it easy to transition from a deli meat, to steaks, to Italian salami in a single shift.

Our partners around the globe