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About Us

Plantagusto was founded by friends and business partners Gianni Vaccaro and David Winegar.  They met more than 20 years ago in Finland where we both lived as Expats.  Gianni born and raised in Calabria, Italy, and David from Chicago, USA.  For years we talked about starting a company together and in the fall of 2018 the idea of Plantagusto was born.

It started with a fully plant-based version of Nduja a Italian spicy pork and chili based flavoring used in many traditional Italian dishes. The first testing was absolutely amazing. Gianni had located a lab that could reproduce the full meat taste of the product using only plant-based ingredients using a method that replicated the flavor on a molecular level. When added to Southern Italian tomatoes and a special fiery Italian chili, the umami properties of the sauce made it addictive.

As 50 something guys, we both knew the health benefits of reducing animal products, but we found it difficult to find vegan products that could live up to the flavor that we both enjoyed from meat products. In fact, many of the vegan meat alternatives we tried not only did we not like but the taste was so bad we couldn't even swallow them. We knew there was a market opportunity to bring great tasting food that just happened to also be vegan.

As we developed our flavors, including beef, pork, chicken, and even seafood we began to experiment with proteins to apply them to. We tried many different protein combinations including soy, quinoa, wheat protein, chickpeas, beans, and even sunflower seed. After long experimentation and research into mixtures, including several ancient Italian grains, we hit on A formula for close replication of meat.  

Plantagusto is on the forefront of a food revolution. We invite you to join us and experience the next generation of plant-based meat alternatives that will leave you simply amazed.

Italy - USA - Finland

We are proud to be a diverse global company who understands the importance of diversity of culture and thinking.  The founders are from Italy and the United States and met in Finland.  Our headquarters are currently in Finland, but we operate extensively in Italy, Germany, and the USA with more countries to come in the near Future.