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What is traditional Nduja

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Nduja (pronounced en-doo-yah) is a traditional Southern Italian spicy salami based spreadable paste from Calabria. Made with a mix of pork, herbs, and spices including a generous hit of Calabrian chili peppers.  It is a beautiful, rich, and favorable additive to many traditional Italian recipes providing depth of flavor.

We have recreated the authentic taste in a fully Vegan certified product

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Until now, this level of flavor could only be experienced through the addition of meat and meat products, but our chemists have broken down the essence of the character on a molecular level and recreated the traditional Italian taste for the Vegan foodie.

Our Vegan version of this Italian classic has all the flavor of the original, without using any meat or meat products.  The end product consists only of authentic Italian Calabrian red Chilli peppers, organic tomatoes, and our specially recreated essence that provides the authentic salami taste.

vegan-meat-seafood-flavors-DuJaVegan 4We use a cutting-edge processes to extract the flavor profile and then recreate it with an accuracy never before possible.  The result is a product indistinguishable from the original.  We guarantee that when you taste our product, you will be blown away.  You will not believe your taste buds and wonder how it is possible that there is no meat.

For those that love the health benefits of being a Vegan, but miss the richness of the flavor that meat has traditionally brought to food, this is for you.

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For sale in Q3 of 2019

We plan to launch the product in Q3 of 2019.  If you would like to preorder, send us your information, and we will arrange an order for you.  Send inquiries to

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