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Plantagusto's Mission
To help people of all ages enjoy healthy plant-based meals without sacrificing taste.

Our products represent the next generation of plant-based food alternatives replicating more faithfully the food experience people love but using only plant-based ingredients.

We accomplish this without the use of high temperature or pressure, retaining full nutritional value .

Overview 2020
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Beautiful | Authentic | Extraordinary
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Overview 2020
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Plantagusto is a plant-based food company authentically reproducing full-cuts of meat, seafood, and cheese from plant sources.
• We go beyond burgers to recreate the full experience of traditional cuts of beef, chicken, and pork.

• Fanatical about flavor, our products replicate on a molecular level animal-based flavors using only plants.

• We offer the possibility to create traditional animal-based recipes people love in a healthy, animal friendly, and planet conscious way.
Overview 2020
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Our Story

As 50 something guys, we both knew the health and social benefits that came from reducing animal products, but we found it difficult to find vegan products that could live up to the experience that we both enjoyed from meat products. In fact, many of the vegan meat alternatives we tried we did not like.

We knew we could create healthy and tasty family-centric plant-based food that could elevate the food experience. This was the birth of Plantagusto.

We invite you to explore our products below and contact us to learn how we can cooperate to help more families enjoy the benefits of plant-based food together.

Beef & Pork Roasts

We base our unique process of creating meat on ancient Italian recipes for replicating meat from ancient grains and legumes (bean flour). A process largely forgotten in the modern world, we have revived it, taking it to the next level by using modern science to authentically reproduce the meat textures and flavors people love.  
Our products include...
• Beef Wellington
• Italian Porchetta
• Roast Beef
• Ground Meat
• Beef Fillet

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Plantagusto’s chicken closely simulates real chicken in texture and taste and can be produced both as a fresh base meat product for the creation of your own recipes, or in ready-to-eat form.

A key advantage of our chicken product is it cooks very similar to real chicken, including the ability to create caramelization. Cooking Plantagusto’s chicken releases buttery, sweet, nutty and toasty flavors nearly identical to those released in natural animal-based chicken.

Simple, easy, and full of flavor.

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Ground Meat

Plantaguto’s ground meat can be produced in a variety of forms to replicate ground beef, pork, and chicken. It can be sold as a “fresh” product side-by-side the animal products it replaces or as the basis for an unlimited number of ready-to-eat dishes including spaghetti bolognese, lasagna, and ravioli, sausage, tacos, burritos, and chili. The only limit is your imagination.

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Plantagusto has also been active in developing seafood alternatives. We have developed flavors for tuna, salmon, white fish, and crab. We have ready for market our first product an authentic Maryland Crab Cake (or English Fish Cake). We have painstakingly recreated the taste and texture of this traditional seafood product to bring alternative seafood experiences also to the plant-based world.

Other seafood products are in development. Send an inquiry for up-to-date information on the status of those products or work with us to create your favorite product.

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Pizza Toppings

Plantagusto has developed authentic Italian pizza toppings including Italian “fresh” sausage, mozzarella cheese, and a plant-based alternative to the Southern Italian spicy Nduja. Our products represent a new level of product for producing the most amazing, fully plant-based, Italian pizza full of traditional flavors and creamy cheese textures.

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Plantagusto is poised to disrupt the plant-based alternative food world by bringing products that push the boundaries of taste and form. Join us in this revolution and together we can bring healthy and great tasting plant-based food to the masses to change the world for the better.



If you are interested in discussing opportunities to work with Plantagusto please contact us directly by emailing

At this time we are interested in companies and individuals who can work as producers or distributors for our products or are looking for new investment opportunities in the Plant-Based food area.

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